Trusted Friends

New England's finest homes and businesses count on us for high end artistry and scrupulous attention to detail for their outdoor living rooms, roof deck patios, foyers and holiday displays. We have earned repeat clientele through our utmost discretion in their homes.

Our success is attributed to our great friendship, artistry, intelligence, motivation, and sincerity. We are creative. We are passionate. We are fanatic about the details. Nothing is more rewarding than a beautiful installation and an elated home or business owner.

We are
    Dog lovers, hikers, and sports fanatics.

    Addicted to iced tea (black), chai tea (with soy) and coffee. And wasabi peas. But not together.

    In part, drawing from our experience at advertising agencies, start up high tech companies and universities. But we never want to go back.

    Graduates from New England's top universities.
Flower Box Gardens is always innovating our designs to serve as an extension of your home and remain at the forefront of New England's containerscape artists.

We look forward to a private consultation with you. 617.797.5333 Heather@FlowerBoxGardens.com